Renovation & Maintenance

Renovation & Maintenance

Timely, preventative maintenance of sports surfaces keeps their sport-technical properties in balance throughout the year and prevents wear and tear. It increases lifespan and playing capacity, and lowers operating costs. GCC Sport Surfaces offers the following maintenance possibilities:

Maintenance of synthetics

Regular cleaning of synthetic tracks prevents the growth of moss and algae, two problems that frequently occur. They make the track slippery, which can cause injuries as a result. Cleaning also ensures an immaculate appearance. Our method of cleaning the synthetic material utilizes a machine that sprays the track clean by means of two rotating spray heads with an adjustable pressure. What makes this method unique is that the waste water, together with moss, algae and other debris, is immediately removed by suction and deposited in a separate storage tank. Therefore, only clean water is used for cleansing the track.


When a pitch is damaged (for example, by wear and tear, overdue maintenance or vandalism) you can elect to have it renovated. Renovation can be carried out on specific areas, or alternatively the entire top layer can be replaced. GCC Sport Surfaces has at its disposal ultra-modern machinery with which, if so desired, the uppermost part of the top layer can be either grinded or filled, after which (following inspection of the base layer) a new top layer can be installed. Partially, or all of the top layer, can be replaced, and a new layer is constructed on the top of the concrete, or asphalt foundation. Then a fresh top layer, together with any line markings, is applied.

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