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A Safe Scape Play rubber floor is the type of floor used for children’s play areas because it is a safe, shock-absorbent surface that is durable. Since the rubber floor is poured in place, seamlessly, the surface will integrate the floor along with the playing equipment

A few other advantages of GCC Sport Surfaces’ Safe Scape Play are:

1. Durable material
GCC Sport Surfaces’ play surfaces are constructed using durable material that resists UV and ozone influences, with an EPDM top layer. This guarantees a long lifespan.

2. Resistant to vandalism
The surfaces are seamless because they are poured in place, this making the surface finish resistant to vandalism.

3. Variety of types and sizes
A particular colour or a special shape? With GCC Sport Surfaces, your floor will acquire an innately unique appearance. Junction seams, height differences and adapters are a thing oft the past.

4. Safety
GCC Sport Surfaces’ floors conform to the European safety standard NEN-1177: 2008, better known as the HIC rating (Head Injury Criteria).


System properties


Water permeability               EN 12616                                27240 mm/h

Compression strength            N/S1.1                                    > 4 N/mm² > 4 MPa

Tensile strength                     DIN 54455                              0.68 N/mm²

Elongation at break               DIN 54455                              > 70%

Resistance to wear                ASTM C-501                           3.6 mg per 1000 cycles

UV resistance                         EN 14836                                Excellent <4

Flammability                          DIN 51960                              Not flammable Class 1

Environmental requirements            DIN 18035-6                 Satisfactory

Layer thickness NEN-1177:2008 HIC rating                          Consistent with certificate

40 mm                                               1.2 m¹                                    

60 mm                                               1.6 m¹

80 mm                                               2.1 m¹

100 mm                                             2.4 m¹

120 mm                                             2.8 m¹

140 mm                                            3.0 m¹

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