GCC Sport Surfaces has installed E-layers for different sporting and non-sporting organizations worldwide. An E-layer, also known as an elastic layer, is the foundation of a variety of artificial sport-playing surfaces, such as, hockey pitches, korfball courts and football pitches. The E-layer actually contributes to the pitch’s cushioning capability and increases the player’s comfort by absorbing shocks. The chance for injuries are reduced because of the E-layer.

An E-layer is constructed from SBR rubber mixed with a percentage of polyurethane. The E-layer can be adjusted to meet the customer’s needs. It is possible to add gravel to the mixture, in which case we call it an ET-layer. An ET-layer can be applied as an alternative substructure/asphalt, or as a sport-technical foundation for sports surfaces on roofs.

System properties


Water permeability               EN 12616                                Open, 29540 mm/h

Layer thickness                    EN 1969                                  15 mm tot 35 mm

Compression strength          N/S1.1                                    > 4 N/mm² > 4 MPa

Tensile strength                    DIN 54455                              0.1 N/mm² tot 0.3 N/mm²

Elongation at break               DIN 54455                              > 70%

Environment requirements   DIN 18035-6                           Satisfactory

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