Line markings

Neat line markings form the finishing touches to every sports playing surface. GCC Sport Surfaces’ IAAF-accredited surveyors employ the most up-to-date lining machines, so that you are always assured of accurate and expert application (or renewal) of line markings. The renewal of line markings after cleaning, or maintenance, can also be performed by GCC Sport Surfaces.

GCC Sport Surfaces uses first-class line marking paint, or coating, based on two polyurethane components. This paint is highly wear-resistant and UV resistant, thus increasing its lifespan.

If you wish, we can help you draw up a line marking plan for your sports facility.

Sport-technical properties

Dry enough to be walked on                          at 23 °C                       12 hours

Completely dry                                               at 23 °C                       5 days

Minimum temperature for application            10 °C

Maximum temperature for application           32 °C

Can be painted over                                      at 23 °C                       12 hours

Colours                                                          White                           RAL 9010

                                                                       Blue                            RAL 5012

                                                                      Green                          RAL 6002

                                                                       Yellow                        RAL 1023

                                                                       Black                           RAL 9005

                                                                       Red                             RAL 3020


Special RAL colours                                       on request

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