Multifunctional fields

Multifunctional fields | Safe Scape Field

Is there a separate field for every sport?  Of course, that would be ideal. However, since many clubs, schools and municipalities are limited in budget and space, it’s not always possible.

The solution? Multifunctional pitches are suitable for all types of sports. Multifunctional pitches make it possible to play many different sports on the same surface. Schools, smaller clubs and municipalities make use of these pitches because expenditure can be reduced to just one sports field.

GCC Sport Surfaces has an appropriate sports surface for every situation and for every budget. There are no limits with GCC Sport Surfaces, even when it comes to unusual applications and specialist issues requiring integrated, tailor-made solutions. You can choose from a wide range of sports surface types, both permeable and impermeable. The intended use of the sports surface will determine its construction.

For example, GCC Sport Surfaces has taken on a number of projects from various contractors, engineers and architects. We have constructed multifunctional sports fields on various types of buildings such as rooftops of school buildings, gymnasiums and offices both in the Netherlands and abroad.

To find out more about the possibilities of Safe Scape Fields, please contact us.

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